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Checking your 2K16 MT points - 09 Dec 2015 01:34


2K Sports Working On A Patch For NBA 2K16’s Pro-Am Mode
Ahead of the release of NBA 2K16, one of the game’s most anticipated new features was the Pro-Am Mode. (click <a href="">MMOLINK CO.,LTD</a>) However, following the game’s launch, it’s arisen that this new mode doesn’t actually work for many players.
2K Sports has now confirmed that they are working on a patch for the mode, so we’ll take a look at what Pro-Am mode is and when it’s being patched.
What is Pro-Am mode?
Pro-Am mode is the newest mode in NBA 2K16. The mode is a replacement for NBA 2K15’s Jordan Rec Center and allows players to create teams and heavily customise them to their liking. These teams can then be taken to be played online or played within the game’s many single player options.
The mode promised to introduce the deepest level of customisation ever to an NBA game, including functionality to print your own text on the hardwood of a stadium.
In terms of online functionality, Pro-Am would feature a series of leagues and subsequent leader boards that ranks players playing in Pro-Am. The clear plan from 2K Sports was for Pro-Am to be the most community focused aspect of NBA 2K to date and it certainly sounded like a promising concept when they first pitched it.
However, as many players have found out since launch, it simply doesn’t work.
What are 2K Sports doing about it?
The aforementioned issues with Pro-Am mode were certain to have provided quite the disappointment for new players picking up NBA 2K16. Thankfully, 2K Sports have now confirmed that they are working on a patch to fix Pro-Am mode and some of the other broken functionality within NBA 2K16.
According to a tweet from 2K Sports’ Ronnie Singh, a patch is complete and is currently being tested. They expect to release the patch within 10-14 days, meaning it could be up to two weeks before some players finally have the opportunity to try our Pro-Am mode.
That being said, it is reassuring to know that 2K Sports are working on the issue and a patch for Pro-Am mode is in sight.
How to download the patch
When the patch for NBA (click <a href="">2K16 MT points</a>) 2K16’s Pro-Am mode becomes available, you’ll likely want to download it as soon as you can so you can carry on playing the game.
When 2K Sports release the patch, it will in time automatically download to your Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC. However, that could take some time as your console manufacturer rolls out the patch.
With that in mind, you can speed up the process by checking your console’s digital store when 2K Sports confirm that the patch has been release. That way, you’ll be able to download the patch and finally play Pro-Am mode as soon as possible.
In conclusion, it is disappointing that 2K Sports released NBA 2K16 with such a major feature not working properly. However, it is good to see that they’re now working to quickly rectify the issue and get people playing again.

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